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De som har hög kropps-kinestetisk intelligens sägs vara bra på kroppsrörelser, utför åtgärder och fysisk kontroll. and Nylander, Stina (2014) Experiencing art through kinesthetic dialogue. Vaara, Elsa and Höök, Kristina and Tholander, Jakob (2009) Mirroring bodily  Kinesthetic Sense: ability to judge where one's limbs are in space. -. Vestibular Sense: ability to compare one's bodily position to the upright position. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence ("body smart"); Musical intelligence ("music smart"); Interpersonell intelligens ("folk smart"); Intrapersonal intelligens ("självklart")  Denying the body its shadow is dissolving its kinesthetic memory to dust, bodily senses, allowing us to appreciate and regard one's shadow. många olika typer av IQ. En atlet(en duktig atlet ska man tillägga) t.ex.

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2019-02-28 One of the six basic Multiple Intelligences(MI), bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is a special concept as proposed by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. The word "kinesthetic" derives its meaning from another technical term called "Kinesthesia" which means a … Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to use one’s body skillfully for expressive or goal-directed purposes. An example of this intelligence can be seen in dancers and athletes who have a knack for using the motions of their bodies. The Physical (Bodily-Kinesthetic) Learning Style. If the physical style is more like you, it's likely that you use your body and sense of touch to learn about the world around you. It's likely you like sports and exercise, and other physical activities such as gardening or woodworking.

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Human intelligence is a mental quality that consists of the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Dr. Howard Gardener, an American developmental psychologist, has described 9 types of intelligence: 1. Naturalist Intelligence. 2.

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People who possess this intelligence are  Those who have high bodily-kinesthetic intelligence are said to be good at body movement, performing actions, and physical control. People who are strong in  Also known as “body smart”, learners who enjoy using a kinesthetic multiple intelligence lens process information best through hands-on activities.

Bodily kinesthetic

4 s. 665-681. Selander,  Our kinesthetic system is our bodily sensations and feelings.
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Bodily/Kinesthetic learners learn best in settings where there are hands-on activities. Making sure that the activities being done cover more than just one type of culture is one way to cover classroom diversity. For example, if it's a music class students could learn how to dance the dances from many different countries rather than just one. Bodily kinesthetic learning style or intelligence refers to a person's ability to process information physically through hand and body movement, control, and Bodily kinesthetic intelligence bodily kinesthetic intelligence key information bodily kinesthetic bodily kinesthetic intelligence.

3. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence. 4. Existential Intelligence.
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Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is the ability to use the body to express emotion, play games, or create new products. It is commonly referred to as “learning by doing.” This type of intelligence enables people to manipulate objects and the body. High bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is common in dancers, athletes, surgeons and artisans.

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Bodily kinesthetic intelligence is, as should be clear by now, much more complex than simply a set of interesting and helpful skills or abilities. Along with the other modalities that Gardner introduced to us back in 1983, is one of the ways that all people, to a greater or lesser extent, perceive the universe and express their individuality.

Bodily Kinesthetic Learning Style and Characteristics

I ”Urban  av M Mård · 2018 — mic circulation of preindividual bodily capacities or affects in the domain of Kinesthetic Empathy in Creative and Cultural practices. Bristol; Intellect Ltd. av O Jimmy · 2013 — Memory in our body: Thick participation and the translation of kinesthetic experience. [Digital version]. American Ethnologist, vol. 35 nr. 4 s.

Bodily/Kinesthetic is one of several Multiple Intelligences. A person with a bodily kinesthetic learning style enjoys experimenting and discovering things through movement.